Thursday, 10 July 2014

Pre-Production: Cogmans roughs to final concept!

Hello world!  Well here it goes, this is my first blog.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for creating the character  Cogman, you will find many different iterations and colour variants of both his costume and his physique.

The image above is the complete version of Cogman from sketch to final painted image. I would love to have animated in the sketched style but I fear it would have taken forever!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Pre-Production: AOC Influence Maps

Hello Everyone,

For anyone who does not know what we have in store for you with "The Adventures of Cogman" this post will give you a background. Cogman has gone through many iterations across genres to educational and back. This is when we decided to start having fun with the idea a little more then we considered before. Archibald Gogglestein (previously a time traveling professor) is now an actor in the 1960's. After a spell of questionable film roles he is about to make his big break playing the role of "Cogman" in "the Adventures of Cogman" (AOC).

Above is a row of jungle themed costumes for some of our cast. The first shows Caveman costumes some cheap some otherewise. The second shows gorilla suits (for the irate ape costume). Next are Monkey costumes for our Monkey cast "The Dee Dums" who are just hazardous on set. Last but not least is the shop bat a guy who sells "Dodgy" stuff in the game. Bear in mind that these are costumes for actors in the production of "the Adventures of Cogman". This means that almost anything can happen on set while the game is taking place.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Video: How to Post on Blogger

Hello Everyone,

Its been a while since I have posted so you will have to forgive me while I dust off the cobwebs... This post actually came about when I realised that our lead artist - Mr Rosslehoff has no idea how to post on the internet let alone blogger. This lead to me creating a little video just for him to view but I thought its educational so why not just make it apply to anyone who needs guidance. I will warn you right now that this post will also educate a little so please read the whole post before going to the video... Yes that is aimed at you Ross...

Now I am assuming that you have forgotten what I told you before (this is aimed at Ross btw) so let me reiterate. You are probably thinking where is the video... Right? Well as I told you before its best to save on loading times if we don't post massive blog posts which would otherwise increase the loading time of the main page. For situations where you have more then 2 images you should insert a "jump break" into your blogger post generally below the second image which is what I have done here... To enter the post simply click "Click to Read More >>" at the bottom.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Archy's Diary: I Got The Role Of "Cogman"

Well here goes nothin.

I generally don't see the point of expressing words without some form of physical action but as my agent tells me sometimes "you gotta write to get paid". This was no doubt a push by the directors of my new outing "The Adventures of Cogman". It's kind of cheeky really, here I am an action icon and these people think my internal monologue needs "refinement" dare they. I don't have an attitude problem, they are the ones with the problem.

I had to stand in the same spot for 5 hours last week holding a rubber dodo staring at a plastic snake just so the artist they hired could draw the promotional artwork for the film. Don't get me wrong it looks okay I guess I just don't see why this bloke couldn't draw the scene without me there. Personally I can't believe I have to work with Crane again, he's such a boring guy to talk to and he has some kind of fascination with me... This film had better be worth all of the pain.